With the implementation of this project, Walmeric acquires the commitment to optimize the different stages of the campaign: generation, management and transformation. To do this, Walmeric has brought his Lead Management service by integrating Hotlead or register immediate management, and Lead Nurturing phases, management of those records that made ​​a metering with Clickseguros but failed carrying out any purchase.

The recruitment process is generated from landing pages, specifically designed so that users can enlist. Once completed this record, Walmeric contacts with the user and after qualifying the interest of him, it transfers him to the call center, also managing the occupation of the contact center. After the conversation with the call center and taking into account the register tabulation (evaluation assessment without purchase), Walmeric continues to act with the user through the following flow of actions: sending a sms a day after being contacted, subsequently sending two emails in the period of one week and one last sms the campaign end day.

The implementation of this methodology and services have brought clear benefits to Clickseguros that it has centralized the management of all potential buyers in only one tool, regardless of their origin and offering a 97% of contactability and a recovery of 16% of records that do not acquired the insurance on the first attempt.

Finally, note the ROI efficient measurement thanks to the Walmeric Reports tool, where It shows traceability end-to-end.