Walmeric Solutiones will develop Hotlead service, acting immediately on each users that arrives to any Linea Directa Landing Page.

"Hotlead will help us to improve our Internet investment " - said Alejandra Mirón, Responsable de Marketing de la campaña "Hogar" de Línea Directa Marketing Responsible Linea Directa "Hogar" campaign.

Walmeric service seeks to maximize conversions to sales, offering a direct connection bridge between qualified leads and Linea Directa Call Center . Thus, anyone who reaches the new campaign landing page , will be able to request information of his interest through 3 comfortable ways he is familiar with: call a toll free number (Call Routing), record contact details on a form (Call me back) or just provide a phone number to be contacted by the Linea Directa call center (Call me Now).

The Hotlead service does not require confidential user data to be deployed, offering a safe environment without risking for privacy issues.

Through the Walmeric process, highly qualified registers are obtained, in other words, people that are really interested in the company products and, therefore, leads with a high percentage probability to be converted in a sale.