Openbank está utilizando Hotlead con el objetivo de incrementar el número de conversiones a ventas de su campaña.

En declaraciones de Salvador Ferrer, Consejero Delegado de ABSline: "Con esta tecnología consigo que mi cliente, Openbank, convierta un 40% de mis solicitudes a Venta"

Through this process, the user arrives at the Openbank landing page, he can inquire through 3 comfortable ways: "Call Me Now", "Call Me Back" and "Call Routing". Walmeric works as a link between the leads that show real interest in the product and the Openbank call center. Therefore, the call center company contact only with people who have a high probability of turning to sales.

The Hotlead differential value is how acts immediately on the leads that are currently looking for information, qualifying them and preparing them for acquisition.