According to internal company studies, in Securitas Direct have come to receive up to 14,000 online alarm applications in the course of a week, a figure that confirms the growing importance of this type of media on customer-company communication.

The new Walmeric service known as Hotlead, it allows Securitas Direct to offer a direct and immediate telephone response to all those people thatcould be interested in acquiring an alarm system via online. "With these solutions we all win, we win from the company that can provide a more rapid and effective communication, and our customers win because they will get an immediate response to their applications without having to go through intermediaries or unnecessary waiting times," explains Fernando Salcedo , Creative & Responsible for management and online communications director Securitas Direct.

The service contracted with Walmeric, also includes an anti-fraud system to detect those anomalous and/or contacts that attempt to alter this type of communication today.

This agreement is part of the company strategy to make every effort or resources to provide to Securitas Direct all improvements and developments needed to cope with unstoppable growth of its client base; Ww work always with the very best partners and suppliers of each sector.

Securitas Direct, is a leader in security for home and business in Spain, it accounts for about 70% of the total market share of alarms in new facilities and currently has 650,000 customers, 130 branches and a 3800 professionals workforce.