• You want to personalise the customer’s experience, in the same way as an offline shop does.
  • Your sales funnel has bottlenecks that you need to identify and eliminate.
  • The products and services you offer win more acceptance when they are presented by a sales representative directly.
  • Your customers want to get a feel for your products, whether it be a car, a place to live or an item of fitness equipment.
  • You need to boost your customers’ trust, and you are looking for tools to do so with.
  • Your customers want to know the person who is dealing with them, and nowadays technology enables you to do that.
  • When a sales representative is needed to clinch the transaction.
  • You want to improve the post-sale service, optimising the human resources.
  • The first impression is the one that counts; your human team demonstrates with each sale and you want to make the most of it all the time.
  • When you want to interact with the customer at any point in the sales funnel.

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