Connect your entire Digital Marketing ecosystem with your guided selling channels. Create a model enabling smooth information flow.

Integration with advertising tools

Offline lead conversions directly visible in advertising tools.

Thanks to integration with Google Adwords, each sale made by your sales reps is shown as a conversion related to the advertising campaign from which it originated. You will see at which level of the sales funnel each interaction took place. This will allow you to easily invest in campaigns which best serve your interests. Moreover, you will be able to connect with DoubleClick (Search y Campaign Manager).

Thanks to new Facebook integration, Walmeric technology allows you to directly capture the leads generated via your Lead Ads and track them.

Integration with lookalike audiences

Expand your audiences with data from offline conversions. Provide your DMP with all tracking data regarding leads generated via the guided selling channel to segment and create new lookalike audiences with much greater precision.

walmeric attribution

Integration with analytic tools

You will be able to access tracking data regarding leads reaching your guided selling channels both in Google Analytics and Adobe Omniture. You will have much more insight into how your site traffic works and the events it generates.

CRM integrated with the entire digital ecosystem

Thanks to integration with CRM tools such as Salesforce or Sirius, you can access all information about leads managed via your guided selling channels from your reference commercial management platform.

Call Center and Digital Marketing integration

Walmeric technology can be integrated with Call Center software. Thanks to this, you can view all labelling information created by the agent during conversation with the lead alongside all online tracking data.