Artificial intelligence & Machine Learning

Furnish your sales channel with Artificial Intelligence. Integrate the chatbot and conversation labels in all guided selling structures.


Boost your sales channels’ potential by adding a bot to your sales team.

What are the benefits of a bot?

  • Leads qualification
  • 24/7 sales channel
  • Improved experience
Artificial Intelligence

Human-like dialogue

Decide how you want your bot to speak. Thanks to natural language processing (NLP), your AI can evolve from a rule-based response model to a probabilistic model where the bot interprets human language to understand what the user means.

Walmeric Chatbot system. Probabilistic model vs deterministic model

Bot training

Our powerful algorithms teach the AI how to collect information from each customer interaction and conversation, allowing it to continuously optimize the user experience.

Artificial Intelligence


Detect keywords during conversation with your leads. Machine Learning algorithms analyse the context and value of each conversation. Apply this potential to your sales channel to:

Predict leads behaviour and conversion

Detect sales opportunities

Automatize processes

Identify critical situations